Thursday, May 9, 2013


Ranging from conflict prevention to acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to end injustice and promote a culture of peace, Horizon Science Academies promote the best peace education we have seen in any other school. In fact, others do not even compare.
From youth groups and clubs to camps, sports, and recreation programs, Horizon has set the bar high to ensure students receive a moral education as well as the formal one already being addressed to the highest of standards. With teachers who devote their lives, time, and knowledge to our children, they have implemented a superior atmosphere of co-existence and peace.
Knowing our children are being taught not only their academic skills, but methods such as conflict prevention, not just conlfict resolution is just another way of ensuring the success of our children. Is this the education that we are supposed to be 'afraid' of at our so-called 'Gulen' charter schools? Arguing on who or what may or may not have been the inspiration of this seems pretty foolish now, doesn't it?

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