Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston's Gulen Charter Schools Connection by cbs 60 minutes youtube videos

gulen charter schools raising new
Whitney Houstons
this story has been brought to you by gulen charter schools youtube videos - Pop star Whitney Houston dies.
This reminded us another post that showed up on this blog about Steve Jobs and his imaginary affiliation with the gulen charter schools, when he died a couple of months ago.
Some people's fame continues to grow even after their departures from earth. Job's fame has already made its way on this direction.
The book that informs us about his life is still on the displayes of the major bookstores wherever you go to grab a cup of coffee.
At this moment, we are not sure if we will witness to the same thing regarding the death of Whitney Houston.
I am wondering if they will elevate her memory into the level of real stars above us, or let it remain on the ground.
Not very long ago, Whitney Houston was visiting countries after a long pause in her music career.
She was not that much successful though. 
We are not sure she has ever visited Gulen schools in those respective countries.
If it's so, then we are sure that she would more than appreciate the brilliant efforts of the schools and the educators in bringing quality education with them wherever they are present, and wherever the so-called Gulen schools as well.
In the mean time, where are they coming from? They are coming from the creadle of civilizations; Anatolia, Asia Minor.
Milleniums' visdom is burried on this land of Anatolia where the gulen schools came into being for the first time.
And the children of Anatolia are carrying the light of this perpetual visdom to the disposal of those who are hindered in the darkness of ignorance.
Whitney Houston died.
We wish light will fill her eternal dwelling place.
And we will let her know about the recent comedies about the American gulen charter schools, once we got informed about something on that merit. 


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  2. P.S. Whitney Houston was raised in Orange, New Jersey not in Ohio.
    You will never raise another Whitney Houston and quite catering to black people like they are stupid, they see through your lies and cult.

    Whitney Houston's family was Christians and she was brought up in the Church to watch for the evils of the Moslems, but then again the Gulen Movement isn't really Islamic is it?
    At least that is what other Moslems say about you.

    Give it up!
    You have no right taking credit for Whitney Houston and Steve Jobs. you are desperate and stupid.
    Can't wait till you are shut down.

    1. Horizon Science Academies serve mostly African American students and give them the education that they really deserve. To just give you an example, Michael G. is an African American graduate of Horizon Science Academy High School and he was accepted to MIT with full scholarship. He was the only student from a Charter School in Ohio that was accepted to MIT at that time. There are thousands of other success stories like this one. I think in fact African Americans are the ones that are against racial and religious discrimination the most since they suffered from similar issues before. But it seems you are not one of them.

    2. They cant wait until you shut your hole. Get over ,you are old and expired!

    3. Give it up for what? I hope they do not give up on our children. Our children desperately needs guidance and help. They find such guidance and help on Horizon schools.

      You can not wait till you are shut down? Do you realize what you are saying? These people are not running bars, clubs or casinos. They are running schools which help thousands of inner city children especially in Cleveland.

      Now they are going to open casinos in Cleveland. Probably that is what you have been dying for.. you are so ignorant.

    4. Looks like you really need a quality education! Why don't you try to enroll yourself in one of the Horizon schools? But they may have a long waiting list because of their great reputation even though people like you try so hard to ruin it. But you know what; no one is buying it because your stuff is full of junk, and people nowadays are shopping really carefully about their children’s education. And that just kills you and makes you so angry doesn’t it? So who really are you, why don’t you put an application form to enroll so they can contact you for your enrollment? Grade level, well I guess you need to start from kindergarten again because they will have to reteach you everything, especially social skills like respect and tolerance!

  3. I believe yo do not want inner city student to get educated, it is unbelievable how come you want to "SHOT DOWN" a school, you don't have a better plan, all you want is ruin our education.

  4. it is our school, it is our choice, leave us alone, I am sick of reading your hate and racist message. I belive you have noting to do but telling lie about Horizon Schools

  5. There are many excellent Horizon schools. I saw many public schools,charter schools and private schools.Some of them are excellent too.But I could not see the same light in their students' eyes.I believe they'll make better.I can see that how they are improving though all kind of evil works againts them.Please keep continue the
    team work with the same dedication.I am proud of you and your work for our future.


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