Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs Didn't Even Know the Gulen Charter Schools

Steve Jobs and
gulen charter schools.
Is it possible?
Steve Jobs dies. He did a tremendous job by placing Apple on the top of the pc market.
Ipad, iphone, macbook, etc. Who would forget his name.
Perhaps he was not the richest person on earth like Bill Gates,
but he enjoyed a great fame not less than the latter.
What Steve lacked was such an allegation of funding Gulen charter schools
 like Gates did according to anti-charter network whose only job is to attack the so-called gulen schools.
Steve was lucy enough so that he lived free from
They say Gates funded
gulen schools.
such label of gulen charter school supporter behind his name.
The creators of the Gulen charter school myth of course would be sad by his death.
But it is not because of loosing his life, but their loosing the opportunity
to uxtapose his name with the imaginary Gulen charter schools.
Sleep peacefuly Steve.


  1. Well, we can make a connections if we try a little bit harder. He has been known as that he was from a Muslim father. This was planned long time ago. He was supposed to invent iPhone and those people who work for Concept Schools use iPhone everyday. He did the infrastructure for them. There you go! Who can reject this connection...

  2. Yes but Jobs was raised by Armenian Adoptive parents and never met his Arab father. His Adoptive Parents are as he stated "my parents"

    Does that piss you Gulenists off that he was raised by REAL intellectuals?

  3. People are miserable and they do not know what to do! Get a job!! how about that!

  4. correct me guys if I am mistaken. These two were rivals to each other, right? Then how come they came side by side when it's all about Gulen and gulen charter schools?

  5. RIP Steve. I wish you could have visited and known Horizon Schools. They do more and above to educate our kids. We start blaming others when we fail to do something.

  6. Hi Guys,
    I think they have nothing to do but hatred people who put quality time and energy in our youth education. Horizons are not failing schools so where is all this hatred coming from. They might have a hidden agenda or volunteer job to demoralize or discourage Horizons staff. What is the motivation behind their hatred?

  7. Do your research and find out how Steve Jobs reacted when he visited Turkey.

    Also read his book, it mentions Turkey in the begining (not in a favorable light)

    No hidden agenda, we just want you out of the USA and slithering back to Turkey (if they will have you)

    We don't hate you, we just want you to leave or tell the truth.

  8. After one of my children was beaten up at our neighbor's public school the administration there told me that there wasn't anything they could do to protect any one student. I then searched a safe school for my children. I was blessed because I could find one of these so called Gulen schools in my area. I do not know who Gulen is but this school is very safe and academically very good.

  9. Teachers who have been hired from out of state or out of country are coming to US to live and work which means they are US taxpayers, rent payers, or home buyers. They contribute to their communities and educate our children.

  10. What a crock!
    Your Brethren has no English or teaching skills. Their only qualifications is they are Gulencis and went to a Gulen "Lighthouse" school.
    H1-b Visa Workers are slave labor for the Gulen Movement, the Tax man takes their refunds and Tuzuks the shit out of them.
    Then they steal jobs from QUALIFIED AMERICAN teachers, causing unemployment. Not to mention you use your OWN CULT for services like janitorial, food catering for the schools even BS educational consultong for a fee.

    and we haven't even touched on your defaulted loans like the Wells Fargo one in Georgia (Fulton Science Academys RIP now closed) for $19 million. You fuck up our economy - inflat the rent on old school buildings to yoru Turkish TUSKON investors - and the money is wired to Turkey.

    We could go on and on, but lets let the FBI, IRS, DOL, DOE, DHS and the rest complete their jobs.

    So long Gulen Cult.


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