Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Mission Statement Again: Gulen Charter Schools Phrase Is A Canard - got 60 minutes?

Let's be clear here. Our site is a fact page that answers the false accusations regarding the
imaginary gulen charter schools in the US. It is imaginary because there is no such gulen charter school in reality. In fact, if we put it in a simplistic way, the reality is that there are a number
of Turkish managed charter schools in the US, and there are some teachers that are influenced by the Gulen's thoughts on education and altruism. That's it. If you wonder who Mr. Gulen is, he is an advocate of dialogue and a supporter of universal values.

Mr. Gulen loves children and
thinks about their education

Now it comes to the other facet of the fact. If it is so, then why a group of people, mostly comprising ex teachers of these so-called gulen schools, trying to boast a Gulen charter myth across the Internet. They launch free web pages, blogs, and produce YouTube videos for the sheer purpose of spreading a false image of these charter schools in people's minds. Where do they get this energy? How do they deal with their personal finance? How on earth these American teachers can know so much details about the domestic politics of Turkey? It reminds one that they have deep connections with the deep cults within the Turkish state, and they are fed by these enigmatic forces.

The crux of their argument is centered around the Gulen charter schools myth. This is an absolute canard. They insist on the term Gulen charter schools because they want to denigrate these schools by calling or rather labelling them as gulen charter schools so that such phrase will yield Islam and islamization in people's minds. It is ridiculous. First, we live in a country in which laws are taken seriously. If someone felt an atom of such phenomena either from the public, or the government, there would be serious probes on these so-called Gulen charter schools. Second, Mr. Gulen, who is a retired preacher live in seclusion in the Poconos, has never stated that he operates charter schools on his name. Is it possible for a single individual to run more than a hundred charter schools in more than thirty states? Sound minds never accept that.

If you reconsider of one of the recent articles that appeared in this site, you will end up with the conclusion that running a charter school is not an easy task. It is not enough to run a school per se. You have to be successful at the same time. If you cannot stand on the educational standards, then your business will definitely come to an end. Needless to say, charter schools are being run by the public money. In return, they are expected to offer sound education. It is not important, at this state, how they reach out this point of success. Inasmuch as charter schools meet the local and federal credentials, it is not a problem for the public how much they spend on them. We should also note it here that it is impossible to run a charter schools, even any school, without money. Here is the conventional formula that education coasts money, but ignorance coasts more than that. We should take no pity on the money that we spend for the education of our children. Charter schools, e.g. the so-called gulen charter schools, exactly do that for more than a decade before the public eyes.

Besides his vigorous activities in education,
Gulen is an advocate of dialogue.

Attacking these so-called gulen charters is a result of personal greed of some ex teachers of these schools. These teachers unfortunately put their personal interest ahead of the children's education. Once they had to leave their position in these schools due to their own indecencies, they turned out to be the ultimate enemies of their former employers. Sorry, guys. Nobody buys that. We do not do business like this in America. And you should have known that more than anybody else. If you are not loyal to your legal contract, then you have to bear the consequences. If your ambition leads you to do triple jobs concurrently, than you have to leave them all at once at the end. Teaching is a sacred duty on all of us. But if you do it as a profession and make your livelihood thorough it, then you have to act as professional in order to fulfill all the responsibilities of the act of teaching. Of course teachers ought to make money. But it is not only money, but also dedication and love that make one a respected teacher. Respect for your job begets respect for your person.

Q-A: did you watch gulen charter schools 60 minutes youtube videos?

In the final analysis, the narrative of the gulen charter schools is an urban legend and there is a secret agenda behind the creation of it. Turkish educators for more than a decade run charter schools and they are doing quite well especially in math and science. Gulen charter schools label is just a misconstruction in order to undermine the excellent job that these international educators have been doing. Instead of kudos them publicly, this anti-charter group attacks them in every occasion. Parents, as well as the American public, know the truth and applause these dedicated teachers. That's what we are doing here.


  1. The obstinate opponents of the gulen charter schools will have a wan face at the end because of their shame. They think themseves wily, yet they are nothing than nasty toadies. Period.

  2. I certainly believe that Mr Gulen is a very wonderful person. I believe in that the Gulen inspired schools are wonderful schools.

  3. At this juncture, I want to jump into the topic as an observer of the discussion that has beeing going around the gulen schools for almost a year now. I don't, personally, see it my business to try to mitigate the situation, but it is exigent that we need a parley between the two parties, i.e. the Gulen charter schools and the anti-charter group. First of all, the anti-charter party should give up militating against the gulen network. On the flip side, Gulen schools, from the very beginning, should have been aware of this potential machination against them and thus acted accordingly. In this maelstrom of conflict, it is hard for both sides to find peace at mind. Therefore, they should give up sullying each other. As for the anti-charter group, they ought to quit those fautous comments that are spreaded accross the internet, e.g., free websites and personal blogs.

  4. Gulen is a fraud, we are not anti-charter only anti-gulen cult managing these schools.
    1) Gulen shouldn't be allowed near children or talk about "education" he only has a 5th grade education. Besides he has no children and doesn't go near women.
    2) Stop parading the ancient photo of Gulen with the late pope. Ask yourself why the current pope would NEVER speak with Gulen.
    3) Your schools are attacking Christianity by converting churches and Catholic schools into your money pit schools.

    Get over yourselves, no one gives a shit about your hidious lying group of Turkish Scholars.
    You will never be able to stop the group that opposes you. We are too big.
    Way too big.

  5. It is especially crucial in this economical hardhip to have a roof over your head. So-called gulen charter schools employe perhaps a thousand American teachers. We need to applause the Turkish educators, instead of vilifying them. Because they create job opportunities for Americans.

  6. Horizon is a great school. All the teachers work with the student to help them achieve their goals. Also, college prep is something that is hard to find. My kid will be my second child to graduate from Horizon, and I have one more child following.
    Horizon is great leader and skill builder for today’s teens.
    Staff let the children know that they are not alone with the problems the kids face today.
    A Horizon Parent

  7. The sad thing is that some ignorant people will only read the misleading and untrue headlines and not the letters and information that obtain the truth. What a difference Horizon Science Academy has made in the lives of intercity school children.


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