Friday, January 13, 2012

Comedy: Joshua Hendrick Rebukes Tur-gay over the Gulen Charter Schools by watch 60 minutes gulen movement youtube video

This post has been presented to you by watch gulen charter schools - Look at this folly. Tur-gay fells in a big trap. S/he is little bit confused about his/her guys. Once s/he headlong applauded Joshua Hendrick for his somewhat defaming researches on the gulen movement and thus the charter schools that are associated with him. But, see what happened. Hendrick publicly rebuked him/her by unequovocally stating that he is neither for, nor gainst the gulen movement.

Who is Gulen? This is Mr. Gulen.

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Joshua Hendrick, the aforementioned assistant professor of sociology at Loyola University Maryland depicted on this blog. I take serious issue with the presentation of my person on this blog and respectfully request its amendment. To be clear, my research with the Gulen Movement in Turkey and the US was funded by the US Fulbright Program, with supplemental funding from the American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT) and the Department of Sociology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I have neither represented the Gulen Movement in anyway, nor have I ever accepted payment from the Gulen Movement, nor have I advocated for the Gulen Movement in any public forum. My interest in the Gulen Movement is academic and is centered on its organizational capacity as an economic and social network, and as a social movement organization in Turkey. To depict me as a "former paid speaker and researcher for the Gulen Movement" is wholly inaccurate and potentially libelous. Anyone interested in my research on the Gulen Movement is free to locate published articles and chapters on the topic authored by me, or he can wait for my forthcoming book on the subject. Regards, Joshua D. Hendrick
Dear Dr. Hendrick;
Very sorry for this oversight, we will make sure this is corrected. Evidently there was an article awhile back when you were at Rice University and they stated you had previously been a researcher for the Gulen Movement. While there is mention of the Movement previously paying your expenses to travel to Texas and how you were picked up at the airport, etc., there is an exchange of money but only for expenses.
Incidently, the Movement as you know tends to focus on Sociology majors who need funding for research to complete their doctorals.

We by no means believe you are another Dr. Rose Ebaugh and do know other professors that know your character and honesty is without question.

Thank you for clarifying, and congrats on your new position.
gulen charter schools Tur-gay

Here is the story from its original source.

Joshua Hendrick rebukes Maddi for labelling him. Hendrick says he is neither with,
 nor against the so-called gulen charter schools.

Now, it's time for the defense. Congrats :-) Another Ebough huh! Nice terminology.
And, here is the whole story. Tur-gay and Hendrick are debting about gulen charter schools.

This incident shows well the psycology of the Tur-gay like people. gulen charter schools They can easily be turned out to be your foes or friends. One should definitelly avoid the company of these sorts of people. The friendship among the anti-gulen network is artificial, and based on personal gainings. If they cannot make money through you and through the imaginary gulen charter schools they become your enemy regardless of what has been accomplished btw you in the past.


  1. Gosh! I can't believe in this. J. Hendrick mocks anti-Gulenists. Everbody should get a lesson from this. No lies abotu gulen charter schools anymore.

    1. J. Hendrick mocks no one except the Gulenists. Time and time again asking you to "come clean"
      Take a lesson from Professor Hendrick and show some accountability.

    2. Looks like you took your lesson but could not even digest it!

  2. Tur-gay is a women who still cant accept the truth and move on.Also,Tur-gay is a Tur-gay herself if you know what I mean.

    1. And what truth is that? Gulen truth? ha ha ha ha ha you guys are comedians.
      Care to laugh about Abramson Science And Technologly?

      Or Fulton Science Academy?

      Lotus School of Excellence?

      the list of DENIED Gulen managed charter schools is so long even I am forgeting them all.

      The truth marches on
      until the next board meeting.

      Stand Tall, you loser.

    2. You are forgetting the list because you are getting old. You will even forget who you work for!

  3. American scholarship sometimes can become as ignorant as American politics about the issues related to the Middle East, including Turkey. Unfortunatelly, politicians here are illiterate about what's going on outside of the country. This execerbates more the American image outside. The last instance was the Republican candidate Rick Perry. He just expressed his ignorance about Turkey by caiming that Turkey is being ruled by radical Islamists. One would laught at it like hell.
    Like Perry, Joshua Hendrick has also hard times to differantiate the reality from illusion. His research on the Gulen movement and the gulen charter schools in the US shows that he, without caution, repeates what he heards from the internet. He uses the same rethoric that his fellows use in the US. Just as some say is Turkey that Gulen is an agent of the US, some say in the US that he will bring the Sharia. To whom shoud we believe? I hope you got my point.

    1. America has above average education.

      Turkey is below average. How did you manage to lie about the 14 million illiterates in Turkey?

      the 2,000 students who drop out of Turkish schools a DAY?

      The Truth is out about what big losers the Turkish education is and how Hizmet is falling apart.

      Better jump ship soon, before you cannot get an exit visa.

      It's comming, and we will miss you and your stupid commentary of the obvious and predictable side stepping.

      America wins.
      Gulencis lose.

    2. Dr. Kurt doesn't exist.

      America cares nothing about uneducated Gulencis.

      Go back and try and straighten out Turkey's schools.

      Oh that is right,...Hocaefendi can't go back.

      hiding in Saylorsburg like a rat in a hole.

      He is a loser just like you.

      And you will never meet him nor will you get the 600 charter schools in the USA that you want. It is doubtful if you will get 2 more charter schools BUT it is probable that 10 more of your charter schools will close.
      Add to Abramson, Fulton and the rest.

      Circle you and Hizmet and closing in fast.

    3. Rick Perry was telling the truth about Turkey and Islamic Terrorists that manage the government.

      Any country that jails journalists who speak out and print the truth is a terrorist organization against the principles of democracy.

      Your group has no business teachng American children.

    4. So do you have a business teaching American children? If you do, you suck, and shame on you! Your information is totally outdated and wrong! Please try to do some research and update yourself about what is going on. I see that you are able to type some comments and able to use internet; that's a good sign. Use it for educating yourself for the sake of educating America!

  4. Dr. Hendrick was merely correcting his status as a non-paid speaker for your stupid group.

    The truth is out, and no amount of your fake blogs will make a difference.

    In fact, most of the school districts in the USA know and have had meetings about stopping the growth of your poor lousy schools.

    So how do you like the denial of
    Abramson Science and Technology?
    Fulton Science Academy?
    Mokapu STEM School?
    Lotus School of Excellence?

    More to come.
    For professing to NOT be a "Gulen Charter School" you sure protest way too much.
    Face it the truth is out.

  5. Lets see if you have the guts to print that comment?

    probably not. In AMERICA we encourage transparency NOT put people in jail for expressing their point of view.

    Did dead beat Soner ever pay his bills?

  6. Wow you blog is GREAT,
    you keep digging yourself deeper into the Gulen hole,
    just like that stupid wife of Fulton Science Academy's principal.

    She must have her hibjab on too tight.

    Stupid is as stupid does....that is Gulencis for you. They cannot even think on their own. Brainwashing from Gulen Lighthouses will do that to you.

    hope you are getting that exit visa ready to Canada. 2012 will be a very very telling year for your miserable Hizmet.

    Anyone that matters is finding out about your schools, and NGOs every day. Your group is not wanted in America. Your Turkish Olympiads are not wanted and your lies are not wanted.

  7. NOW here is comedy for you. Gulen vs. HOmeland Security on Gulen's appeal for a DENIED Green card.

    Gulen v. Chertoff
    Statements made in Fethullah Gulen's green card case contradict
    later public statements about the Gulen schools

    On May 25, 2007, Fethullah Gulen filed suit against Michael Chertoff (Secretary of Homeland Security), Emilio T Gonzalez (Director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS), Paul E Novak, Jr (Director of the USCIS Vermont Service Center), Evelyn Upchurch (Director of the USCIS Texas Service Center), Donald Monica (District Director of the USCIS Philadelphia District Office) and Robert S Mueller, III (FBI Director) in a federal court in eastern Pennsylvania.

    Gulen had petitioned USCIS to grant him permanent residency in the United States, using a Form I-140 Petition, which is for an "Alien of Extraordinary Ability."

    The court ruled in Gulen's favor, and he is thus able to reside in the United States indefinitely.

    Documents associated with this lawsuit include filings by Gulen's legal team, letters written by Gulen's supporters, and even an affidavit signed by Gulen himself, which contain statements that contradict many of the public denials regarding Gulen's role in schools founded and run by his followers.

    Document 32

    Here are some quotes from Document 32, the "Plaintiff's Response to Defendants' Summary Judgment Motion."

    "Plaintiff’s work in religious tolerance and education is used by a variety of institutions that transmit knowledge and culture, namely the hundreds of schools with curricula based on Mr. Gulen’s methodology, universities that use his scholarly work as a basis for higher education courses, and educational conferences and symposia organized specifically around his work."

    "Mr. Gulen has developed an educational methodology that is used in the hundreds of Gulen schools throughout the world. In the late 1960s, he taught children at religious summer camps."

    "Gulen’s early experience in teaching and establishing schools led him to refine a methodology for education."

    "To achieve this, Gulen has encouraged the social elite and community leaders, industrialists, as well as small businessmen, to support quality education. With donations from these sources, educational trusts have been able to establish hundreds of schools, both in Turkey and abroad."

    "This methodology has lead to the development of the tripartite educator-parent sponsor relationship that the Gulen schools follow."

    [This last line is reminiscent of the phrase "Parent-teacher-student triad" that is used by so many Gulen charter schools in the US.]

    "Mr. Gulen does not seek to be classified as a “teacher,” but instead seeks to establish that he has extraordinary ability in “education.” Plaintiff educates other teachers and educators who then apply his principles in the classroom. ... In short, Mr. Gulen is an educator to other educators."

    "Mr. Gulen inspired a movement now known as the Gulen Movement. Mr. Gulen has also published over 40 books and nearly 100 articles. His books are the foundations of his teachings, which are also the foundations for the hundreds of Gülen schools across the world. This evidence establishes that Mr. Gulen has personally affected the development of hundreds of schools across three continents."

    [The above lines can be contrasted with Daisy Education Superintendent Ozkur Yildiz' response to Arizona journalist Tim Steller's questions about Sonoran Science Academy and its charter holder, Daisy Education Corporation: "We would like to stress and underline the fact that the establishment of Daisy Education Corp. was not, and is not, linked to any movement that can possibly have any substantive influence on school’s mission, vision and operations. DEC is an educational institution. It is not attached to any ideology or movement."]

    1. You are confusing the hundreds of schools around the world that are founded by Gulen-inspired entrepreneurs and the PUBLIC CHARTER SCHOOLS that are sponsored by American authorities where more than 90% of the staff is local. This is an American Success Story. They have started off with a promisary school design 13 years ago and know manage 27 schools in the MidWest most of which are rated as Excellent and/or Exemplary by the Department of Education in their States. Why are you trying to fan the fire of hatred and ignorance by badmouthing these wonderful schools that are the BEST charter schools in their state of existence.

  8. Oh there is SO much more comedy about you and your lying group. Why don't you try and sue us? We would love to get you into discovery and see your documents that you would be REQUIRED to submit to court in America. The real reason your group settles out of court like that poor 11 year old that was raped on the Dove Science Academy campus, you bastards paid off her attorney and parents for her to go away.

    You will rot in hell. Keep up the good work and all the scandals in America.
    We are amused by your stupidity every day.

  9. This website is giving me so much fun with such people. Thank you "Gulen is a Fraud" with scarf and moustache! You entertained us enough. Now you tell me which so called Gulen school you visited and met with the parents to really see what they do.

    1. Yes it is fun

      and pathetically sad to see what uneducated terrorists

      this gulen movement is that is educating our children on

      dancing the kolbasti. what a waste of time this cult is.

  10. I can tell you like writing. How much you get paid? You must be rich b ! Leave these people alone so they can educate your children.

    1. why do you want to know how much we get paid?

      it is none of your business how much the AKP pays us.

      come back and face the Turkish courts for your crimes.

      and try educating the children of Turkey first.

    2. Ergenekon pays us well, can you beat their price and pay us more?

  11. what a life you got there! I feel bad for you !

  12. Tur-gay,

    u r well displaying your chracter by these comments. nobody will take a heed of what you are saying because u r not in your wits.
    take a deep breath and think twoce before you commit something serious.

    1. Think twice before you post such stupid articles about Whitney Houston and about American educational system which you know nothing about.

      Geez, you guys are something else. It is so much fun watching you go down. Sorry about losing that charter school on the military base in Illinois.

      And also sorry about the IRS ruling that Charter School teachers will no longer be elibible for state retirement funds. It sucks doesn't it?

    2. Thats your dream boo.

  13. My child who has just passed through the public system has not benefited and our community has done a disservice to our kids. I believe such school will give options and flexibility for parents and students. I support them.

  14. I wish Mr.Tur-gay came and visit such schools as well in order to see the truth, real education, dedicated staff members.
    Their answer is their success. While you are attacking to such schools and hiding reality I believe they will work harder and harder for their students to be more successful.

    1. You have seen one Gulen Managed school, you have seen them all.
      Science Olympiads
      Supported by gadzillon of Gulen NGOs
      Turkish Olympiads
      Teachers who cannot speak English
      Teachers who are uncredentialed
      Teachers who cheat and give good grades to undeserving students
      Turkish Character classes
      Turkish this
      Turkish that

      Kolbasti dancing blah blah.

      Trip to Turkey

      Bond Financing

      Repeat the above...........................

    2. We know that you love Turkiye and you cant do without it! look above how many times you used Turkey ...

      go have some tea..

  15. As far as I know charter schools have the flexibility to make hiring decisions and they can hire any qualified teacher. If you look at any other large school system , you will also see that they have a very large number of international teachers they are sponsoring and/or for subject areas that have a shortage of teachers. My child’s math and science teachers are both Turkish and I have been extremely pleased with them. She had non-Turkish math teacher before and I was very satisfied with that teacher too. I believe it is not a matter of nationality, rather it is a matter of quality and Horizon is very peculiar in hiring such high quality teachers. I cannot really understand why people discriminate among teachers and make such falsifications.

    1. Except your teachers are not qualified and in fact, cannot speak decent English.

    2. you can bring this as an issue, but why don't you mention about their dedication, hard work, home visits, science fairs...

  16. I have been following your comments, and trying to understand what you are trying to accomplish. How could someone decide if a school is doing what it is supposed to do? According to the report cards most of the schools managed by Concept Schools are successful and supported by the parents. While there exist many poorly performing schools out there. Why do you drain these schools energy by your negative comment? As far as know state and federal agencies are auditing charter schools every year. If there is something wrong don’t you think they could find and take necessary actions? There is no one above the law. We should trust the authorities and let these schools educate our kids.

    1. Dont worry about her! She is just miserable and trying to keep herself busy. I feel bad for her and her family (if she got one).

  17. To “Gulen is a Fraud”, I mean to Mary and her husband,
    I am the parent of Noble Academy of Columbus, a school which is under Management of Concept Schools, or so – called Gulen Schools. My child is in an accelerated program at the school and I believe he is getting a quality education. This is a simple fact and somehow you do not want to understand and hear a positive comment regarding these schools. I would like you to know that sending my child to this particular school is a choice of mine and please do not bother me anymore. Leave us alone.

    1. You mean Mustafa who won his DOL EEOC case against your schools because you illegally steal money from Hizmet members?

      Now you are appealing the case...good luck.

    2. how about the money that you stole?

  18. After I read all these useless lies, I noticed once again I love HORIZON SCHOOLS, and it is so obvious that most of these comments was written by same person who DO NOT CARE AMERICAN EDUCATION. I have message for Horizon Staff "KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK" .


Plese let us know what you think about the issue of the charter schools allegedly linked to Fethullah Gulen and thus labelled as Gulen charter schools.