Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The More Gulen Charter Schools, The More American Job Opportunities - post by gulen charter schools 60 minutes

Turkish run gulen charter schools
create job opportunities
for hundreds of American teachers
This news is a report by gulen charter schools  - So let's think again about the correlation btw the number of
immigrants and the number of jobs for the natives. Each year the US accepts almost one
million charter gulen schools legal immigrants through variety of ways. We can add into this the almost same amount of
illegal workers who arrive into the US legally, and yet stay illegally. Furthermore,
if the immigrants are qualified workers, e.g., Masters and PhD holders, the percentage of job
opportunities also increases for the native US citizens. This is what Madeline Zavodny tells us
about the statistics of jobs over the last decade.

Anti-charter school sect is attacking the Turkish run charter schools  gulen charter schools  by claiming that the Turkish teachers are stealing the Americans' jobs. Is that really so?

Looking at the statement above, we cannot surmise the same thing. The case here is the
Turkish educators who run charter schools. First of all, most of these Turkish teachers,
if not all of them, are coming form a high profile educational background. They are graduated
from the top ranked Turkish universities whose language of education is English.

The opponents of the
gulen charter schools
harms the US economy

What did
these teachers do when they came into the US. They opened charter schools. What does that mean?
That means new job opportunities for Americans? If they were uneducated people, many Americans
would not be able to have those jobs at their disposal. To open a charter school means tens
of hundreds of jobs not for only foreign, but also the American teachers.
Today, thousands of American teachers are working in these so-called gulen charter schools.
Who created these posts? They are the Turkish educators from the overseas.
At this juncture, we need to think seriously. We need to think not only for ourselves,
but for the future of this country. These gulen charter schools serve for our country
both economically and educationally. They add both to the economy and education of the US.


  1. I second this article. It has full of right and logical information.
    Thanks to the Author.

  2. Sounds fair, I would see these schools by myself. I want to see the athmosphere of the school.

  3. Since such schools are managed well, sure they create jobs for US Citizens. We hear it on the news all the time that many charter schools and public schools are closing but not any so called Gulen schools.

  4. Very well stated! As long as those schools creating job opportunities for Americans and legal visa holder immigrant workers, great education opportunities for students and parents, then what is the problem?

  5. WE need more schools like these and dedicated people like them!The problem is "ignorance".

  6. Your Gulen Charter Schools cause unemployment for
    and service companies like:
    Janitorial supply
    Uniform supply

    not to mention you steal $millions in our tax dollars to support your CULT.

  7. I think such negative people are picking on an excellent school system that has promoted our childrens educations, who's talents other wise would have been lost in regular school systems. So called Gulen Charter schools are serving very well to this country and they have already become an American success.

  8. Horizon has been the best thing that happened in Cleveland. It has opened a big door for every high achieving and/or motivated student, regardless of their socio-economic status. My son definitely needed this structured and highly-disciplined setting. As a result, he has become an independent and mature learner. Thanks everyone.

  9. I live in CLeveland, and we deserve Horizon Schools, we need education not bigoted people.


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