Sunday, December 18, 2011

Scientists Emerging Out of Charter Controversy - watch 60 minutes gulen charter schools video

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Despite the ongoing controversy around the cultural identity of the Turkish run charters, -remember, some label them as gulen charter schools- science is still at work in these schools. Below is the press release by Horizon Dayton Elementry regarding the Seventh Annual Science Fair.
Horizon Dayton Elementary Students Scientifically Soar
Dayton, OH, December 17, 2011 On December 14th, 2011, Horizon Science Academy Dayton Elementary School, managed by Concept Schools, hosted their Seventh Annual Science Fair at the school located at 545 Odlin Avenue, Dayton, OH, 45405. Students showed their scientific skills at a public viewing of their science fair projects. The science fair, coordinated by the school's sixth grade English and science teacher Andrew Glenn, was a preliminary event to determine winners who will advance to a second phase science fair competition that will be held in Cleveland on March 3rd, 2012. Students who scored highest will compete against other high scoring Concept Schools’ students.
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  1. One of the maing arguments of those Anti Concept -so called Gulen- charter schoolers is the misuse of public money even though the schools do a better job with a lot less money. Stafe officials are on top of the schools so we pass that. However it is so funny to see what some of those schools' ex-employees do when they get fired. All of a sudden, they seem so concerned about the public money. They repeat themselves by saying tax money, public money..etc but they try to sue the schools to get some of it in their pockets. They have no shame to do that and they are very good at hiding this. Public should know about their real motives. They really do not care about tax money. That is what exactly they want in their pocket. How ironic is that, huh?

  2. What the anti-charter sect does not know is that a good name is better than riches. They don't care about their names and their reputation as teachers. I say teachers because many of them are ex teachers of what they call gulen charter schools. Finally, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

  3. It is so nice to read that the school started to do science fair projects even in elementary level and has been doing it consistently seven years. Congrats to teachers and students and wishing them good luck on march third.

  4. It will be a cold day in hell before America lets the Gulen Movement take control of American education.

    It isn't happening and in fact 2012 will be a very challenging year for you.

    P.S. you are still a Turd.

  5. We should be applauding these schools for going out of the conventional boundries and making the most of what they had, to make these schools possible. They are doing science fairs and we know they are making mass destruction weapons.

  6. As far as I have observed, what makes Horizons’s model good enough is not only related to teaching math and science, but also related to generating vision in minds of children.My kid never had attended a science fair till he enrolled to Horizon. Well done Horizons.

  7. I think, anti charter schoolers need to come there on March 3rd, and see how such schools do great job in science, math, and engineering


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