Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Something Different on the Gulen Charter Schools !? - at 60 minutes

Guys, we are having a class on
how to respect diversity
and culture. Don't worry, this is not
a Gulen charter school.
Let's do something different :-) today and review the allegations of the anti-charter group with respect to the Turkish run charter schools, e.g. Gulen charter schools. They have a fatuous idea that the so-called gulen charter schools import foreign teachers, i.e. Turkish teachers, from abroad and thus they foment the unemployment rate here in the US. Instead of giving a panegyric to them on account of their accomplishments in education, the bevy of anti-charter always try to defile their well-standing reputation by forging lies and myths.

They surely see a wraith in the middle of day. They spend all of their vim by peregrinating between real life and imagination. This is not a salubrious act of conduct. In the mean time, one wonders from where they get that much ardor for attacking the imaginary gulen schools.

Just a friendly reminder that there is no need for pugilism. Modern men can talk on the issues that they disagree with each other. In order to circumvent this impasse, we need to act with alacrity, instead of lumbering round this blurry mystery.

It was explained over and over again that to find American teachers that were proficient enough in math and science was not an easy task ten years ago.  Most of the Turkish teaching, and the administrative staff as well, in these gulen charters came to the States years ago in this hardship. They filled an indispensable lacuna, so that American kids could advance in two crucial areas, i.e. math and science. Otherwise, they would be illiterate in these fields.

Remember the data that was revealed earlier in this site. Only the ten per cent of the teaching staff is international in these schools. That means that the rest of it, namely ninety percent, is still American.
Another thing that the coterie of the anti-charter schools boast is the recent imprisonment of some pseudo-journalists in Turkey as a part of Ergenekon investigation, which unveils the toady curtain of the deep state. It would be naive to assume that these journalists are ingenious. Once upon a time, they infiltrated into the arteries of Turkish journalism, and now they are toughed to be genuine journalists. Yet, they are not other than the puppets of the deep powers in the state. What they try to do is sedition and machination against the state. These pseudo journalists are not arrested because of the act of journalism, but the deep relationships that they have with the deep state.

Deceased Turkish President Ozal and former
US President George Bush were close buddies.
One last thing and I will wrap it up. Another thing that is pervade in their articles and comments is the allegation of recreating the Ottoman Empire from its ashes. The Ottoman Empire is not something stasis for years and now to be come to life again in a foreign land, the United States. Nobody is discussing the name or the nature of the current Turkish state. It is the Republic of Turkey, not the Ottoman Empire, and nobody is arguing the validity of this statement. Turks have the habit of adapting to the new culture in which they are in. Where ever they go, they bring peace and harmony along with them. Therefore, we should not be irritated by the idea of having Turkish teachers in our schools.

All in all, Americans should be proud of having an excess of diversity more than any other country in the world. Gulen schools, or gulen charter schools -whatever they call them- are American schools and serving the American kids. It is nonsense to vituperate these schools by bringing out the Turkey's internal affairs that has not got to do with the American education system. Turkey is a strong American ally and it will be so in the future.


  1. Turkey hs always been a close ally of the US. It is not peculiar to have also educational ties between these two. Turkish educational system improves day by day. So-called gulen charter schools will add to the overall quality of the American educational system.

  2. it's really different. he he he. yet the political ties between the two former presidents are very interesting. I don't think that most of the people in America is not aware of it. Gulen schools are the last episode of the exantion of the Turkish educationl system through the non-governmental organizations. Calumnies and panegyrics are averywhere abut the nature of these schools.

  3. We need charter schools in this country because; first, they offer quality education; second, they challange other ublic schools, and finally, they contribute to the diversity.
    First of all, education is a matter of quality. It is not something that you cannot measure at the end. There are numbers of exams that tell us where our children is. In order to be succesfull at the end of the college, one has to have an access to quality education. And charters give it to the students.
    Second, charter schools are in competition with other schools. This competition increases the number of opportunities bot for the families and kids as well. In this competition, each school tries to do its best in order to attract as more students as they can.
    Finally, most of the charter schools are run by international educators. It adds to the social fabric of the society in a positive way. So-called gulen charters also do contribute a lot. They are quite doing well in integrating into the society.

  4. At this juncture, I want to jump into the topic and opine on the ongoing controversy on the allegedly called gulen charter schools. I see the puerile comments of the anti-charter bloggers across the internet and one side of my brain gets lethargic. Where is the logic in it that they overty try to undermine the education system in this country. They defame the Turkish run charter schools, but do not suggest another alternative. Who will tke care of the youth? Are these anti-charterers aware of the direction where school youth is headed? Nobody has the right to destroy the future of this country. Turkish run charter schools are best alternatives for our children.

  5. guys, don't waste your time by defaming ech other. it is useless. i hereby tell to you not to be surprized if gulen will be nominated for the nobel prise for peace and dialogue. his educational activities are all over the world nd the so-called gulen schools follow secular carriculums.

    1. Gulen will not be nominated for a nobel prize but the journalists you have jailed will be nominated and will win (Zarkalgu)

      Gulen is a fake, and the only awards he gets is what Hizmet votes on like the Foreign Policy award when you slammed their online voting boards.

      You liars!!!

  6. A lot of schools spending a lot of money to implement new programs to decrease bullying, teaching respect among students, tolerating each other in schools coming from different backgrounds. I am sure students attending those so called gulen charter schools do not have this issue as their peers have in their non diverse schools.

  7. I will not allow myself to be a victim of dirty politics. Wasn't it obvious that all these nonsense are coming from disgruntled employees

    1. no the truth is coming from many people, including ex-Teachers of your pathetic schools.

      Stop asking questions and answering your own posts.

      liars, what are you going to do when they come for you?

    2. You should've said "what are you going to do when I come for you" instead of saying they come for you deer Marry Adi! The funny part is no one is coming; you don't even have guts to come and there is no they; you wish there is but keep dreaming ! Your dreams could've come true if you were in Horizon though! Looks like you found your new business. Are you making differences in the lives of others or making differences in your valet?

  8. Turkish president and Former President Bush were not buddies!

    You Gulenists are so stupid, you think because you have your picture taken with someone of importance that you invite to Turkey or to your fake interfaith dialog dinners that they are your friend?

    America owns you and Hocaefendi.
    Why do you think he was given a home in the USA after he ran away from Turkey?

    Think about it dummy.
    So is Rick Perry your friend?
    ha ha ha ha ha

    1. Rick Perry is not the friends of Turks but definetely yours. After all, he is a licensed dummy with a B.S. from Athens University and a Doctorate of Jumbalaya from the University of Armenia ( I am not sure about the later one. I am just getting e-mails saying that Armenia has no university yet). I will check my own sources.


Plese let us know what you think about the issue of the charter schools allegedly linked to Fethullah Gulen and thus labelled as Gulen charter schools.