Friday, December 3, 2010

Who Works at Concept Managed Schools, What They Call Gulen Charter Schools?

They always feel a need to emphasize the “Turkishness” of Concept managed schools (they call them as Gulen charter schools) by claiming that the majority of the teaching staff in these schools are Turkish. They go even further to declare that one has to know the Turkish history and language well in order get to a teaching position.1 The conclusion they end up with is that the “large number of Turkish/Turkic teachers” who do not even have teaching licenses steal the professional American teachers' jobs.

Is that really so?

Let us see a list of teachers at
Horizon Science Academy of Toledo High School.

Staff Name                                 Position/License Information
Engin Blackstone (aka Karatas)    Director 1-year Alternative License
Carnel Smith                        Dean of Students Expired Long-term substitute
Anna Gentle                                Teacher Professional License
Mandi DeWulf                            Teacher Professional License
Khlood Ftaiha                             Teacher No license
Steve Annesser                           Teacher Professional License
Lynne Strahl                                Teacher Professional License
Harold Strahm                             Teacher Professional License
Esther Mossing                            Teacher Professional License
Leslie Kurd                                 Teacher No license
Ihsahn Ozulas                             Teacher No license
Mehmet Iimammedow                Teacher No license
Nancy Sirianni                            Teacher Professional License
Rachel Snyder                            Teacher Professional License
Nicole Lovell                             Teacher No license
Anthony Streetar                        Teacher No license
Vivian Mills                                Teacher 1-year long-term substitute
Amy Converse                           Teacher Professional License
TaihaYilmaz                               Teacher No license
Ibrahim Onbasi                          Teacher Long-term substitute license
Amy Ewing                                Teacher Professional License
Nikola Spavic                            Teacher Professional License
Jackie Burns                               Teacher 1-year long-term substitute
Tonya Schauwecker                   Teacher Professional License
Rebecca Dinwoodie                   Teacher 2-year provisional
Kasim Ak                                  Teacher Long-term substitute
Ismail Savruk                             Teacher Long-term substitute
How many Turkish or Turkic names can you see on the list? Or, how many American names are there on it? The answer of the first question is 7 out of 27. That means that just one quarter of the staff is Turkish or Turkic. In other words, the majority of the teachers are not Turkish/Turkic, but Americans. If we believe in what they claim, all these American teachers should know the Turkish language and history well. Their math isn’t even sufficient enough to adequately calculate the amount of Turkish teachers versus American. Moreover, this is the case just in this particular school based on their data. In fact, when I talked to the Concept people about the overall percentage, they told me that it is 90 % American and 10 percent international, not only Turkish or Turkic.
I also wonder why they are only interested in Concept managed Charter Schools, what they call Gulen charter schools, and their Turkish/Turkic teachers? There are many charter schools in the U.S. run by a variety of international people, e.g. Greek, Armenian, etc. The majority of their teaching staff are also their fellow countrymen, Greek or Armenian. This tells me that there is a deep prejudice occurring against the Turks which is very contrary to the U.S. constitution which prohibits any sort of segregation of nationality, ethnicity, etc.
1“... you just have to know lots of Turkish history and apply for a license.” 


  1. We are amused by your lies they are so funny.
    Why are you so ashamed to admitt you follow
    So ashamed, stand tall like a proud Turk and admit what everyone already knows.
    Gulen Charter Schools will lose in America.

  2. Let's look at regular public schools and their teachers. They have all kinds of certifications but they fail our children. I do not need such certifications or licenses. If those motivated, highly intelligent individuals whether from oversea or not can help my child read better, do math better and help to be a good citizen then that is fine. I do not care if they do not have regular licenses. I know they all have at least a Bachelor of Science or even more from their home country.

    1. Liar,
      The Gulen Charter Schools fail our children

      The Gulen Cult only cares about themselves and growing more schools.

      The majority of your schools (those that are not cheating on tests) are below standard and many are on academic watch.

      and they are not YOUR children they are American children. Histir

    2. Yawn, There is a Gulenist again claiming that American schools are beneath Turkish operated schools.

      You liars!!!

      Turkey has the worse rankings in the world besides Chile and Mexico.

      America is still ranked above average.

      Turkey is below average.

  3. I did a research and found out that, there are 4 Turkish people working there. 2 of them are Turkish-American and one of them Permanent resident. How can we say it is a Gulen School if the ratio of Turkish people 1 out of 35 American Teachers.

    1. and who are you?

      First of all none of them are born in the USA.

      Their loyalty is to Turkey and to Hocaefendi only.

      That is why your schools are losing in the USA.
      sorry about the IRS ruling that Charter School teachers will no longer be elibible for state retirement funds. It sucks doesn't it?

  4. I just checked the names and their credentials mentioned above from ODE's web site. All of them have licensed staff.It is easy to check their credentials from ODE's web site.1_Ftaiha, Khalood K has Long Term Substitute License - Adolescence to Young Adult.2_Kudro, Leslie A has a Professional License - Middle Childhood (4-9)
    3_Ozulas, Ihsan Credential: 5 Year Professional License - Multi Age (P-12)
    4_Ilmammedow, Durdymammet 4 Year Alternative Resident Educator License - Designated Subject (4-12)5_Stretar, Anthony J Credential: 5 Year Professional License - Adolescence to Young Adult (7-12)6_Talha Yilmaz no record.The teachers are not only certified but also very dedicated people. They spend time with the students beyond the required classroom teaching too.

    1. Nice Try

      sorry about the IRS ruling that Charter School teachers will no longer be elibible for state retirement funds. It sucks doesn't it?

  5. Oh my God! Turks are taking over. Islamic people will conquer the U.S. Oh my God, we, the Greeks and our bretherens Armenians, have arrived to the U.S hundred years before takes have achived nothing but pile of shite!!! Oh, my God, I hate all these! I am not saying we are jeolous of Turks but it angers me to see Turks succeed. I hate them so much words even can't express how I feel about Turks. I will go and hit my head to the walls till I bleed and my brain comes out of my skull; then, I will go and burry it in the beaches of Crete or Rhodes.


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