Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Charter Attacks Depend on Fiction and Money by gulen charter schools 60 minutes

Pen is for the declaration of Truth,
not for the creation of lies. Woe to those
who are using it in their evil cause.
a gulen charter schools post - Before jumping into the topic, I would like to pay tribute to the Nation's Newspaper, USA Today, whose title of the story on the Republican candidate Rick Santorum's bid for the president of the US inspired me. It was something like this; Santorum Success Depends on Narrative, not Money.
This very title reminded me the two core motivations behind the Gulen defamation league (anti-Gulen schools); namely fiction, which can also be rendered as lie, and money, which implies more than a green Benjamin, but green love for some adherents of this fundamentalist group.
I picked the adjective fundamentalist intentionaly mostly because this group that has been formed by the creators of Islamophobia, is as dangerous as Al Qaide.
Denying the entire universal humanitarian values, they do not hesitate attacking individuals, as well as communities, through unacceptable methods of intimidation.
But anyway. This is not I want to address here.
There are basically two things that the anti-charter group employs when they attack the Turkish run charter schools.
First of all, they create a fiction narrative that, what they think, would be the nucleus of all stories about these schools. They so masterfully form the story, so that someone on the street, or bygonners, would think that all the evil in our educational system stems from the charter schools that came into existence a couple of decades ago as an alternative to the traditional public schools by having more freedom and more flexibility comparing to their public peers.
Now, the number of charter schools exceeds more than 5,000 across the nation. There is no denial that some of them, maybe a scintillas of them, are going astray from the direction on which they are intended to go.
However, this should not prevent us to appreciate the goodness in majority of others. Gulen inspired charters, in this sense, are one of the best illustrations of this fact that if given the enough opportunity, charter schools can achieve more.
None of the so-called gulen charter schools
teaches Islam.  What they teach is
free thought and love for neighbor.
Despite the relatively short history of these Turkish run schools, which is nearly a decade, they proved to be the niches of the charter education in this country especially in science and math. No body can deny the fact that math and science education in America was a mess, until and unless the Turkish educators interfered into this paralysis in education.
For some reason, Americans are not interested in numbers, formulas, triangles, etc., all these unreal phenomena. But somebody has to do it. That's why the US government pays these charter schools thousands of dollars. The government expects them to fill the gap BTW humanities and sciences by bolstering the latter.
Am I deviating from the topic? Okay.
What I was saying is that this Gulen defamation league, in the mean time Fethullah Gulen is a retired Turkish Muslim preacher resides in the Poconos because of health concerns, created a narrative that all the Turkish run charter schools are Gulen charter schools, as if Mr. Gulen is running and operating them.
The point they tried to reach is a kind of connection btw a Muslim preacher and the government funded charter schools.
If a Muslim is somehow associated with a public institution supported by the government, people should be alarmed for a possible Radical Islamic threat that tries to conquer America from within.
Isn't it perfectly forged out. This nonsense is playing the central role in the operation of the whole anti-Gulen charter group.
Once they came up this idea of radical Islam infiltrating into the US via charter schools, they needed someone to support it.
They did not have to worry on that score because there was the entire body of Islamophobia incorporation along side them. It has been proved by a recent study that some persons and foundations are intentionally supporting hatred against Islam.
The methods they employ are cutting edge. They support some certain scholars(?) to blaze it in the academic milieus so that their utterances would serve for a bigger cause in the future.

Neither America, nor the Ottoman Empire.
The God's Kingdom is within us.
Do Gulen charter schools
remind you something on this merit?
gulen charter schools 60 minutes
Besides, they fund some media organs in order to get support from the masses. Furthermore, they spend money for the systematization of Islamophobia.
So, what has it got to do with the so-called gulen charter schools? It relies on the narrative that this so-called charter schools are the most dangerous Islamic threats to the American secularism.
This is what they are proposing these days. They want us to believe in the myth that the imaginary Gulen charter schools are serving for the recreation of the Ottoman Empire in the US. This reminded me something quite far from the topic.
It looks like the Latter Day Saints' (Mormons in other words) belief that Jesus escaped into America in order to restore the Kingdom of God on earth. Rest of the story awaits imaginative minds for conclusion.
Nobody wants to establish the universal caliphate. Nobody wants to diminish the secular state. Nobody wants people to practice other that what they wish. We are living in the most advanced nation on earth. Everything and everybody are accountable under the law.
In brief, stop creating lies and intimidating people. Every sound person works for the sake of this country where ever they are coming from, and whichever culture and religion they cherish.


  1. This is not an attack to those schools. This is an attack to US. They blame US for being blind and stupid. This is just bad and corrupted politics...

  2. A US Blonde marries a Turkish guy and then she complains about Turkey and all things related to Turkish

    The same blonde complains about how high the unemployment rate is but she chooses a husband from oversea.

    And this is not a blonde joke?


  4. I think those bloggers who are against so called Gulen charter schools are a threat to social cohesion in USA and eventually their organized attack is also an attack to our national security. I am sure our government sees that but I wonder why these bloggers can freely pour their poisonous ideas online?

  5. Hey you anti -so called- Gulen charter schoolers, listen! Hear what Norway killer Breivik says "the attacks were necessary to protect Norway from being taken over by Muslims". As you may remember 8 people were killed in Breivik's July 22 bombing of Oslo's government district and 69 others were slain in his shooting massacre at the left-leaning Labor Party's youth camp on Utoya island outside the capital. Breivik also says "I don't recognize Norwegian courts because you get your mandate from the Norwegian political parties who support multiculturalism". Don't you think your effort are kind of similar to what he talks about. You are against anything related to Turkish that includes religion and culture. You are putting these people out as a target.

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