Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rumors Around So-called Gulen Charter Schools in the US

Let's listen to one of the Horizon parents on the ongoing debate about Fethullah Gulen and the charter schools allegedly linked to him and thus called Gulen charter schools. The ideas that are presented in the article is quite informative for those who are eager to know more about the issue centered around the imaginary Gulen charter schools:

I have been hearing rumors about Turkish schools trying to promote a hidden agenda. Being curious and wanting to be well informed I decided to do some research. I came across several articles which were surprising to me. I found it hard to believe what I was reading and wanted to share with you my thoughts on a couple of these articles posted by the American Thinker and Act for America. If you would like to read the articles you may click on the title below to read each in its entirety. While you read please keep in mind that they are very misinformed. I am curious as to whether or not the authors have ever visited or really looked into the schools or the people they are bashing.

Islamist G├╝len Movement Runs U.S. Charter Schools By Stephen Schwartz

Fethullah Gulen: Infiltrating the U.S. Through Our Charter Schools? by Guy Rodgers

As I read the articles on the internet my mouth dropped in amazement. It was hard to believe the lengths people will go to to criticize and try to disenchant people with another group just because they are different. Hate is everywhere bred by ignorance. I have children who attend Horizon Science Academy Columbus, one of the schools they are talking about being described as a Gulen run school which some claim to be receiving government funding, without a state-approved curriculum, and teaching Islam while trying to promote Gulen ideas.

Lets take a look at this.

First, who is Fethulla Gulan? Since I don't know him personally and really had never heard of him I did a Google search to find out more about the man. He is described as a forward thinker, a man of peace who has met with the Pope and other Jewish leaders all in an attemt to promote peace and interfaith dialogue. That really doesn't sound so bad. If you would like to know more about him visit his website by clicking here.

Second, in rebuttal to the claim as to whether the schools receive government funding, without a state-approved curriculum. The schools they are talking about are some of the best schools in out nation. My children are doing very well there scoring well on state test when they are given them. Would they be able to do that if they were not being taught? By the time they reach high school the requirements for graduation are even higher than those required by the state. Perhaps that is why many of these schools have bright students ready for college and the ability to do well in their adult life. I wonder if these naysayers have ever visited any of the schools they badmouth? Their school also strives to provide them opportunity on a tight budget giving them availability to play sports and belong to the typical clubs any other school offers. They receive approximately 2/3 the funding per child that the city school receives.

Third, I have never, not one time seen the schools my children attend teaching Islam or promoting Gulen ideas. Each of their schools are very culturally diverse which I love. They promote self respect and respect of others. The children are given expectations to do their work, be prompt, respect others and to do well. As a parent I don't really mind those expectations.

I love the school my children attend. They provide a safe environment full of qualified teacher ready to help my child succeed. Keep that in mind as you read the article below that tries to tell you the schools are not good for America. How can preparing students to do well be bad? What is bad for America is groups promoting hate based on warped views without merit, cultural and religious differences or hidden agendas of their own.

That's what the parents think about the so-called gulen schools.


  1. After some conspiracy theories had been risen about some charter schools, I wondered if my child’s school was one of the Gulen Charter Schools as some people claimed because of the so-called link between Gulen and these charter schools. Yes, his school is mentioned as of theirs.
    My child has been attending this school for 3 years and he loves his teachers and his school so much. Interestingly, I just heard Gulen’s name from this website, and no one mentioned his name in the school.

    I am a concerned parent and I personally know my child’s teachers. Yes, there are only a few Turkish teachers I know, and all other teachers are from all over the country. I don’t see any problem for my child learning Turkish or singing Turkish songs as he did in Spanish class in his previous school. I think it is a good opportunity for him to learn different cultures besides Spanish.

    I try to help him in his math and language arts homework. Their school curriculum is aligned with state standards as I looked through his journal and text books. Besides, he is getting a good education in this school. His math and reading test scores have increased after he started this school. He is happy to be there and I feel comfortable sending my child to this school. I don’t know why some people make quick judgments about these schools. These are just calumny, but not the truths.

  2. No conspiracy theories only factual information the Horizon Science Academy management company Concept Schools and teachers/Administrators that are non-American are ALL known members of Hizmet. Everyone knows the truth is out on the table.
    Although it is interesting that these Gulen managed charter schools all of the sudden have concerned parents that are surfacing. The truth is 1) if these parents cared or were part of their child's education the kids would not be enrolled at one of these schools. 70% of the students come from disadvantaged, single income or headed households of black and other minorities. The Gulen Movement knows these parents are busy with other challenges and trust the schools to do their job.
    2) The schools are not informing the parents of their agendas and affiliation with the Gulen Movement and it's worldwide network of Gulen schools. It is about Gulen NOT about Islam or peace.
    The brand of Turkish Islam that the Gulen Movement is promoting is ethnocentric and will not fit with the middle east's brand of Islam.
    The classes in Turkish and the affiation with Gulen's Rumi Foundation of Cleveland, and the other predictable network of local Gulen groups controlling the ridiculous Turkish Olympiads, and other Gulen sponsored or owned contests is mere marketing on the part of the Gulen Movement.
    Good luck with your $93 million bond request, don't be surprised if you don't get a dime or if you just recieve a portion of it.
    Keep bribing, lying, cajoling, blackmailing, public relations, playing victim and manipulating. The gig is up.

  3. First of all, it is lovely of you to insult all parents because they are " disadvantaged" or "minorities". Obviously parents who are poor or of a minority group cannot make a good decision about their chilren's education nor do they probably care. Give me a break, your bias extends much further than I had anticipated. Maybe you have a problem with these disadvantaged minority children actually believing that they can achieve something. Secondly, just because some employees are affiliated with others who share similar beliefs and values ( i.e. church, political party, union) does not mean that they cannot keep those values out of their professional life. In the United States multiple Jews, Christians, and Muslims run businesses, orginations, hospitals, and schools without it affecting other people in their environment. Diversity is not dangerous, nor is it a crime. Maybe if the schools was run by a bunch of WASP'S you would find it more palatable.

  4. My two kids are attending Horizon Science Academy, what they call Gulen charters. Truly, we always needed a school with enough attention, and safety for our kids. I always believed for years that having personal safety, interest and respect, the students will demonstrate the potential that there is in them, and we could now happily see that Horizon lives up to their name and makes a difference in my kids’ life for better. My kids are very happy with the teachers and all the school staff and they had a fantastic first year at HSA!
    The staff/administrators are very helpful, respectful and fun to be around. The school encourages parent involvement and they make it very easy with their entire website and all the technology they rely on.
    HSA makes all their kids and parents feel like family. My kids were lucky to be admitted into the school. The school has amazing extracurricular activities; Science Fair, Science Olympiad, Math Counts, Math Olympics are just to name a few. The teachers are so supporting, being there when we need them. We love this school, and all the opportunities, fieldtrips; because we could see that it holds so many opportunities for a better future for our kids. We are extremely happy with the professionalism of the school and the staff. Our kids are very happy at HSA and doing very well.
    I do not know who Gulen is. But the thing that I know is that these so-called Gulen charter schools are doing very well in educating our children for a better and brighter future.
    P.S. I will check about Gulen and the schools that are linked t him and thus allegedly called as Gulen charter schools. There should be something behind this to call Horizon and other Concept managed schools as Gulen schools.
    Thank you everyone at HSA.

  5. I have been working for Horizon charter schools more than five years already and hven't heard about Fethullah Gulen. They are great schools. We work with our students and parents like a family. Its mission is to prepare our students for a better future. We create a school culture that is built on success, respect, and accountability. The founders of HSA School recognize that the success of students is dependent upon the school’s ability to create a culture that fosters meaningful, sustained relationships between teachers, students, and parents and holds all stakeholders responsible for outcomes. We believe working with our parents help our students better. We believe home visits are very important for our school culture. After school activities, science fairs, math Olympiads, city and state level competitions are very important for our students and school. We value hard work and with hard work our students will reach their goals. Thanks to Horizon schools. Thanks to choice schools.

  6. Charerter schools have their liabilities in order to survvive, Otherwise Thse schools are closed by Sponsors. THse schools are inspected each year and they have surviving since 1999. It means these schools are doing good job. This country is a free country. I liked this country since everybody s thoughts and beliefs are respected. We officials in this coutry. THey know everything, If they see any danger in this schols. They might take some actions. I know there is so much competition in this country, Thet might be jelious about sucess stories of Horizon schools

  7. These schools have been around for years and climbing the ladder of success since their first establishment. The people who cannot stop the expansion and growth of these schools constantly bring up irrelevant matters to the nature and the operation of these schools. Rumors but not facts are becoming the first resort they use to damage these high achieving schools. I hope all these accusations and rumors will die away and be completely silenced.


Plese let us know what you think about the issue of the charter schools allegedly linked to Fethullah Gulen and thus labelled as Gulen charter schools.