Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It is about neither Gulen nor Gulen charter schools, but simply ping pong

Here is an amazing video from CBS. See how ping pong functions beyond imagination. It is not Islam thought in these schools as Mary-like people say, but science with fun. How funny it is when they assert that radical Islam is thought in these charter schools, what they say gulen charter schools.

Ping Pong Fission: High School class demonstrates power of the atom

(CBS) - As many of you may know, we here at The Feed are total suckers for science, at least when it comes in the form of cool videos. So it should come as no surprise that I love this video showing how a nuclear chain fission reaction occurs using... wait for it... ping pong balls and rat traps! The actual reaction occurs at about 1:48 into the video.

The experiment was conducted for an AP Chemistry Class at the Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School (HSA), they call it as a gulen charter school. It was done in conjunction with the school's video club (double-education WIN!) and used around 300 mousetraps and 600 ping pong balls in the culminating experiment to show the reaction.


  1. So great to see kids having fun with science. I loved seeing them work together to achieve something and laughing while doing it. Kudos to the Horizon Science Academy teacher for planting the seed.

  2. I hope they are not trying to build an atomic bomb....

  3. Someone is trying to improve his or her German. Look at this: Sauerkraut and Gulen, He's Even In Germany -- and So Was Hitler. Why is she mixing English with German? It is even difficult to pronounce that word. The same person criticize those who write in Turkish and yet she does not hesitate to write in German. This means that she does not give a damn to her readers. She just mocks them by her ugly phrases like above one. She also goes further and juxtapose Gulen and Hitler. You decide which one is more absurd: Gulen and Hitler or Gulen and charter schools?

  4. What an amazing idea! It also proves that zip code is not important when teachers believe that students can achieve when expectations from them kept high, and I guess teachers and administrators at this school have already been practicing this so many years. When you check their website, I am sure you’ll also agree with me.

  5. Perfect job.Absolutely worth the time to set up.

  6. This is not an original idea, there is at least one video using ping pong balls and mousetraps to demonstrate nuclear fission on youtube, although I agree this video is better produced. It's not an AP type material for most schools.

    Thank you for providing material exposing the inferior nature of Gulen schools. Just posted a video on the Cleveland Science Academy on YT

  7. Whatever you say, the truth reveals itself. The truth is the superiority of such schools and the inferiority of your outdated ideas. Yes technically if there exists one such video on youtube, the idea can not be original. However it is very interesting that you are unable to find one good thing about their study.
    By the way, thank you for the video. You advertized Horizon schools very well. I thought you were trying to make them look bad. What changed your mind? Ping pong!


Plese let us know what you think about the issue of the charter schools allegedly linked to Fethullah Gulen and thus labelled as Gulen charter schools.