Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Turkish Media Exposes Why They Lie about Gulen and the Imaginary Gulen Charter Schools

The Turkish public knows
 the hidden motivation behind
 the attacks on gulen charter schools.

The allegations of the opponents of so-called Gulen charter schools are echoed in the Turkish public media. The columnist Mehmet Kalyoncu of Today's Zaman well articulated the beneath surface of those allegations both against Fethullah Gulen and the gulen charter schools that are allegedly associated with him.
Here is the article:

Why do they lie about Fethullah Gülen? by Mehmet Kalyoncu*

How they try to defame Gülen
In this regard, there are two major allegations that are currently employed in the United States by Gülen opponents in order to discredit and cause fear mongering about him: One that the charter schools opened in various states by Turkish-Americans are connected to Gülen, and that they are spreading “Islamic fundamentalism;”  The allegation begs the following question: Would the US authorities that have authorized and overseen these schools, not be aware of any such wrongdoing, if any?

* Mehmet Kalyoncu is an independent political analyst and author of “A Civilian Response to Ethno-Religious Conflict: The Gülen Movement in Southeast Turkey.”


  1. Nice job M. Kalyoncu. You well articulated the discrepancies of the opponents of Gulen and Gulen charter schools. They know well which discourse they should use in accusing Gulen and the charter schools that are associated with his name. Such hypocrites. Wht don't they stand firm on one argument and stand upright on it? Anyway. The author of this article well explored the motivation behind those ugly attackers of Mr. Gulen and the so-called gulen charter schools. Well done.

  2. GOOD job Mr. Kalyonci. American public should get the accurate information about the motivation behind those rumors about the so-called gulen charter schools in the US. This Gulen charter school discourse has more than one layer and it requires serious afford to grasp fully. What you have done is quite helpful to understand the hidden motivation behind creating that Gulen charter schools fiction.

  3. and we all know what a fine piece of journalism Gulen's mouthpiece rag - Today's Zaman is.

    your grammar is laughable, you have used your publication to harm American reporters and teachers.

    it is good for lining my bird cage.

    keep pissing off the world and journalists and lets see how long you last in America.

    the clock is ticking, tic, tic, tic

    can your posts be any more obvious?


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