Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gulen Charter Schools Are Not Responsible for the Notorious Failure of Education

Concept Schools contributes a lot to the
education in the Midwest
For almost a year, a group of anti-charter people are attacking Turkish charter schools by labelling them as gulen charter schools. By this, they try to manipulate the public so that parents would not send their children to these schools. Despite their relentless effort to denigrate the Concept Schools for operating so-called Gulen charter schools, it is not deniable how it successfully contributes to the local education here in the Midwest.

Recent history of failure of the public education showed that charter schools are the best alternative to the public schools. Therefore, each and every citizen should support charter schools for a better education for the future of American children.

Education is as vital as water for society. If charters need money, they should have it because there is no other way to run a charter school. If someone has a magic stick in his hand, then he can try to run a school without costing anything to anybody. No doubt that everybody will applaud him if he succeeds in that.

And also we should not forget that fact that the money that are being spent by public schools is much greater than the money used by charters. At the end, however, charters end up with greater success.

Below is an excert from a recent article by Alan Borsuk which falls relevant into the topic:

Charter management group just might help Milwaukee schools

Aug. 20, 2011
Two New Schools
Two CMOs are opening schools in Milwaukee this fall. Milwaukee Scholars Charter School, 7000 W. Florist Ave., expects more than 250 kindergarten through fifth-graders. It is part of National Heritage Academies, which runs more than 70 schools, mostly in Michigan and Ohio, and it is chartered by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Math and Science Academy, 110 W. Burleigh St., expects more than 150 students, also in kindergarten through fifth grade. It is run by Chicago-based Concept Schools, which operates more than two dozen schools in the Midwest and it is chartered by Milwaukee's city government.
Both schools expect to grow in coming years. And there are other CMOs committed to or considering opening schools in Milwaukee.
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Alan J. Borsuk is senior fellow in law and public policy at Marquette University Law School. Reach him at


  1. In God we trust, all other must bring data. I love this saying. Come on guys! Numbers do not lie. The case is no different in Ohio. The Department of Education in Ohio recently released official report card results for school districts and buildings. The data shows 22% of community schools are ranked at least "effective" on the 2010-11 report cards, up from 11% four years ago. These are not rich suburb schools. If they can show such an astonishing success, some should just shut up and bow or just take your hat off.

  2. I hope Concept Schools grows and provides a better education for our children. Not only in OH but I am sure our other states could replicate this practice as well. God Bless America!

  3. I cannot understand why they try to denigrate the gulen schools. these charters are doing very well at the local level.

  4. competition increases the quality of education. let's give chance to charter schools. public schools already have numerous advantages comparing to charter schools. gulen charters are good example of how they can be successful if enough opportunity is given to them.

  5. Thank God I found Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School! I see this as a miracle given to me; I don't know where I would send my child if I would not have any other choice but public schools... I hope the number of Horizons grow and serve our communities in a larger scale.

  6. I believe When parents, teachers and students work for the same goal they will be successful that is to bring the best education to our kids. I would like to think that these schools bring positive atmosphere to where ever they open. It works for students , teachers , parents and communities. We should encourage them to open more schools. It also brings competition for a better education.

  7. I am glad we have Horizon Schools in Cleveleand, OH. They are very successful. Cleveland High School has been ranked as an excellent school for couple years. I am very happy that Concept Schools have opened Horizon Schools in Ohio. All of them are very successful.

  8. Congratulations! Horizon Science Academy is recognized as a School of Promise for the 2010-2011 school year by Ohio Department of Education, based on its most recent state report card one more time. HSA has set a strong example of what is achievable when students, educators, parents and community members come together to help all students succeed.

  9. More taxes are taken out from our budget for public schools but what we see is that they are wasting money; spending money on school buildings that are now closing, paying teachers who do not teach, and graduating students who cannot read, On the other hand, Horizon Schools prepare students who can do science projects!


Plese let us know what you think about the issue of the charter schools allegedly linked to Fethullah Gulen and thus labelled as Gulen charter schools.