Monday, November 26, 2012

Blurring the Debate Boundaries in US Education System

When false allegations no longer succeed to sway us, many opponents of charter schools try to focus our attention on the ongoing political debate that charter schools are underminig local control and are only part of an education socialization process, where the first priority of education is no longer students, but money and power. However, not only are these allegations unfounded, particularly when it comes to Concept Schools' managed charters, they also smear the reputation of good charter schools everywhere.

Lately, race and ethnicity have become two particular topics of debate. While having no evidence from an educational point of view, these appear to be solely based on discrimination. Making arguments to disprove the need for charter schoools using racially motivated debates is only a waste of time. False allegations of a connection to Gulen and the Gulen Movement, racial discrimination and a dislike of charter schools is the only thing that has become apparent to me. With just 6% of American students performing at an advanced level on a recent international exam, a percentage lower than 30 other countries in the world (1), I think it is obvious we need a change. Not to make money, and not to support some hidden agenda, but to educate our children. America is a country full of people from all different countries all over the world, and after examining the numbers, it is obvious our education system needs improvement. These charter schools are doing just that.

1. Huffington Post, Education Olympics: How Does America Rank Compared To Other Countries? (INFOGRAPHIC),, retrieved 3/13/2012

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