Friday, March 22, 2013

No American Teachers at Horizon so-called Gulen Charter Schools?

According to some recent, (however lacking any form of resource) allegations, Horizon charter schools have more Turkish than American teachers. Realizing the illegitmacy of this claim, I felt the need to tell the truth with something those writing against the so-called Gulen charter schools never use: references.
By going to, you can find the following information:
All Horizon charter schools (combined) have a total of 516 employees. Of these 516, only 35 of them are there on an immigrant visa (sorry to burst the bubble of those false accusations). This is a total of only 6.8%!
so-called gulen charter schools allegations

How then are our charter schools, being taken over by immigrants, and in particular Turkish men and women who may or not be members of the Gulen movement? Let's even assume the numbers were a bit higher, since when did it become a bad thing to be an immigrant in our country? We were all immigrants at one time.
Education and the quality of it our children are receiving it should be our #1 priority. Not attacking people for where they come from and who they may or may not have loose, at best, ties to. 

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