Friday, April 12, 2013


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The following was found at and disproves the accusation that international teachers, and all teachers in general at Concept Schools managed charter schools are not highly qualified.

"Concept and managed charter schools make sure that all employees are highly qualified and meet certain academic standards before they get hired. The hiring process in our schools is a comprehensive process and aims to put the best teachers in the classroom.

In addition to our comprehensive process, United States Immigration and Citizenship Services requires all foreign workers to meet certain criteria to be a non-immigrant worker in the United States. Any non-immigrant worker who is employed at a Concept-managed school has gone through such selection process of Concept Schools and USCIS. Furthermore, such non-immigrant workers also go through an interview process by the American Consulate in their home country before they are granted a visa. To claim that someone who has been through such processes is not qualified is outright questioning the credibility and functionality of such US government agencies."

Anyone who can say that our falsely alleged Gulen Charter Schools do not have qualified teachers, obviously do not know how the U.S. government functions under such instances. 

Please do not believe everything you read from online webs and blogs that only use fancy terminology to support their false, racist, and ill-intended accusations. Support Horizon Charter Schools

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