Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our Mysterious Guy Keeps Commenting on Imaginary Gulen Charter Schools in the US

Well, our mystery writer(s) continues to comment on Gulen charter schools, or Gulen-inspired schools. Or rather, I should have said copying and pasting. Now, she appears as Mark Munoz. She added a new one in her list of names of comment writers. Let's be read here because she says something different this time. It is not her famous comments beginning with "Publicly funded yet privately ...," or "Gulen charter schools are ..." Here's what he, "Mark" is saying:
"These schools [Gulen charter schools?] have recently been busted in Ohio for hiring foreigners via the Concept Schools."
What he means by these schools   are Horizon and Nobel academies of Concept Schools -she calls them Gulen charter schools-. Well, I think this issue was answered in the previous post. First off, each and every charter school, be it  (Gulen charter schools?) or any other has the right to hire teachers or other staff from where ever they want as long as it does not contradict with the law. Thus, there is nothing wrong with hiring teachers from overseas. Secondly, the Concept managed schools  (Gulen charter schools?) have only 10 % of international teachers and staff. It is a very simple math fact. That is to say 90 percent of Concept managed schools' staff is American. But, if we go to the ancestral roots of these Americans, then his/her claim would be true because today's Americans used to be Germans, Irish, British, Danish, etc.  hundreds of years ago.
This country is comprised of multi-nationalities. Once someone steps into this country, he becomes American. This is the spirit of this country. Each and every person in the Concept managed schools  (Gulen charter schools?) is in the service of American children and the American public. They are working hard to raise and teach kids in math and science, and are quite successful. Now, who loves America; those who help American children, the future of this country, or those who spread hatred toward them?


  1. Use to be germans, irish, etc., are you kidding?
    There is no such thing as a Turk, you are the blood of your invaded territories: Greek, Central Asian, Circassian, Armenian, Kurdish. Turkey wasn't even a country until 1923. Are you stupid or something?
    You do not help American Children by pushing off these Turkish olympiads, you are trying to indoctrinate them. Stop with the Turkish crap, no one cares. We are Americans and you are not.
    If you don't like it leave back on the next flight to Istanbul.
    Use to be? God can you be any more stupid and obvious.
    There are NO PARENTS ON THIS SITE YOU ARE ALL PART OF HIZMET TRYING TO act like American parents.
    Hakan give it up already, can you be any more obvious. You will lose in America. The money is gone. You will be starved out.

  2. My friend's son is a fifth grader at one of those schools in the Cleveland area. Having had my own daughter in both public and private school, I can compare that these schools are by far the best schools in our neighborhood. I personally visited and my daughter did one day shadowing. The school is very diverse, challenging and in my opinion a great school. They have great after school activities such as Science Fairs, Robotics, Advance Math clubs that you do not typically see in other schools. I am planning to enroll my daughter next year.

    1. Really? what is your kid's name?

      I thought so another lying gulenist.

  3. I think you should learn some history, Turkey never invaded Central Asia, Central Asia invaded what is now Turkey. Those Central Asians are the original Turks or Ozturks. So there is such thing as a Turk. During the height of the Ottoman empire, people (Turks,Greeks, Armenians, Jews, etc.)
    wanted to live in Turkey, particularly Istanbul due to its modernity and economic success. Saying there is no such thing as a Turk is like saying there is no such thing as a russian because the Soviet Union no longer exists. I think you should do some research befor spouting off your ethnocentric trash.

    1. you mean Constaniople?

      No wonder Europe doesn't want you.

    2. So you are really mongolians watered down with Greek and caucasian blood?

      Maybe that is where you get your barbarian blood.

    3. Oh, I think all of the parents would love to know more about ERGENEKON.

      Yawn. Now you are really bringing attention to yourselves. Keep it up.

  4. Is there a reason then, why the "international teachers" carry a lighter teaching load (1-2 classes) versus the American teacher who carry (5-6 classes)? Are these international teachers truly here to help the American children?

  5. Which school you work for? OO wait, hey I know you.....

  6. Geez this blog is SO stupid, you do yourself and your brethren no favors by bringing so much attention to yourselves.
    "Hark thou protest way too much"

    So if we speak the truth about your CULT in the USA are you going to try and have us arrested too?

    Send Fetos back to Turkey. OOps that is right he can't go back.

  7. You are the ones that need to do some research. You and your Turkocentric trash, your Turkish Olympiads are laughable, having American students dancing the Kolbasti and waving the Islamic Flag of Turkey.
    "Wanted to live in Turkey" the Greeks, Pontic Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians, Kurds, etc., are the true indigenous people of Turkey. Who built St. Hagia Sofia before you animals converted it from a church to a MOSQUE?
    Who built all the ancient cathedrals, ruins and Topaki palace? NOT Turks.

    You didn't have an alphabet till 1924.

    1. imaginary gulen charter schools?

      then why are you trying SO hard to deny it?

      While at the same time you repeat Gulen Charter Schools, Gulen Charter Schools a million times as if it will go away.

  8. As a parent,these teachers are the best; the ones born here, and the ones that come here to teach our children, these teachers stay after school to tutor, come in on the weekends to work on projects with the children. They even want to help the student who have already graduated (in college). I fully support these teachers and schools.

    1. If you fully support these teachers and schools.

      Give your TRUE name.

      Thought so.

      Typical Gulenist, ashamed of Hizmet and declaring their open allegiance - I would be ashamed too.


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