Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gulen Charter School(?) Teachers without “Credentials”?

Here are two key concepts that they -the anti-Gulenites- promote in their articles and comments across the internet: hatred and discrimination. They are repeating the same things over and over again; that Concept managed schools, or what they call “Gulen charter schools, or Gulen-inspired schools” are importing teachers with” no credentials” from Turkey and other Turkic countries in Central Asia. So much so that those imaginary Gulen charter schools' teachers with no credentials (Turkish or Turkic) are replacing American teachers with credentials.
There are two things that need to be clarified here. First of all, to say that Concept managed schools, so called Gulen charter schools, i.e. Horizon and Nobel Academies hire Turkish/Turkic teachers automatically implies that there are no American teachers in these schools. This is absolutely false. There are not only American teachers in these schools (Gulen charter schools?), but also an American administrative staff. As we mentioned in one of the previous posts, there is only a ten percent Turkish/Turkic to American teacher ratio in Concept managed schools (10% Turkish/Turkic, 90% American). It is nonsense to ignore the existence of American teachers and other staff. Secondly, if these Turkish/Turkic teachers have no credentials, then how is it possible that the schools they are working in can be so successful, especially in Science and Math? It does not make sense at all. Let's quickly recap some of the accomplishments of Concept managed schools. As an American parent, I am well aware that since humility is always promoted in the Turkish culture, our Turkish teachers might be upset by being publicly praised. Yet, I see no harm to enumerate the accomplishments of these Turkish teachers with “no credentials”.
·         Blue Ribbon
·         100 % college acceptance
·         Bronze medal for outstanding achievement by US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT
·         National Distinguished Title I Award
·         Accreditation through AdvancED, representing 27,000 public and private schools and districts across the United States and in 65 countries
·         Best Charter School for 2008
This success of "Gulen inspired schools?" is a product of the cooperation between Turkish and American teachers of Concept managed schools.
They do not only hate Turkish teachers, as human beings, but also their culture and language. They tell us that in Concept managed schools (Gulen charter schools?), Turkish culture and Turkish language are taught to American kids. Let's stop here for a second. There is one thing true in this statement. Yes, the Turkish language is taught in Concept managed schools (Gulen charter schools?). I have a hard time to understand what is wrong with learning a second or third language. To know a foreign language only enriches your life. Besides, it has a positive effect in increasing ones salary later in life. As a parent, I am not disturbed by my child learning another language, e.g. Turkish. In this case, the foreign language that we are talking about is Turkish, which is on the list by the US government that is recommended for American citizens to learn. Yes, Turkish is among the top ten critical languages that the United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs offer (www.clscholarship.org/). Moreover, it provides grand opportunities for those who are willing to study any one of these languages. Now, since Turkish is among these ten languages, why shouldn’t Concept managed schools  (Gulen charter schools?) offer it to their students who are interested?
There is still too much to say, but, let's finish with this. You guys cannot get anywhere by spreading discrimination and hatred. The American identity is comprised of multi-ethnic and religious identities. This is the very essence of this country. You should not forget the fact that your forefathers who migrated to America from different parts of the world were not “Americans” at the very beginning. True Americans do not approve of any kind of discrimination. American law prohibits segregation toward non-Americans.


  1. As an HSA student I learned Turkish, I also have since become fluent. Much to my suprise it has opened many doors for me. I paid my way through a very expensive university translating at one of the country's largest hospitals. I made nearly as much as I do as an RN at the same hospital. Besides monetary gains, I also aquired the skill of communication despite barriers which has served me well as a nurse with a very diverse patient population. I am also now able to pick up other languages much more easily the second and third time around. I am now working on my fourth language. No education is ever a waste. The US military is always interested in Turkish and other less common language speakers.

  2. Let me see if I understand this issue. Parents (and other teachers)are upset that their child's school is recruiting the best possible (maybe foreign?) teachers in math and science? And that this public school system holds the child AND parent accountable for educational excellence? And previous posters indicate that the Concept Schools are part of a "nefarious" Islamist plot to take over the educational system in the world, much like the Christian coalition that is trying to instill "christian" values in public school systems?
    I am confused.
    I have two children in the Concept System (not in Columbus), and have yet to see a prayer rug in any office or classroom, nor has any interaction with any administrator or educator even been tinged with the hint of religiousness. I am a practicing Catholic, and certainly do not expect the local public school to religiously educate my children in ANY faith....that is MY job! I do expect them to wisely use taxpayer dollars to provide the best educational opportunity for my children. If it means hiring a math teacher from the Ukraine or Turkey, so be it. Attend a local college and see how many science professors are foreign born......
    We have a choice in the United states. If we want a religious oriented education for our children, we send them to a church affiliated school. If we prefer to educate our childrens religious orientation ourselves, we send them to public schools. By making that choice, we do not expect the public schools to do that.
    Regarding the Gulen movement, it is a philosophy based upon doing good works, and providing educational opportunities. The fact that it was started by a Muslim cleric should pose no more threat than the Christian, atheist, or agnostic movements around the world that espouse education. The movement is a philosphy, and is NOT headed by a cleric, as there is NO head of the Gulen movement.
    I made the decision to send my children to a Concept school after they attended a National Heritage Academy Charter school, which was begun by a very christian oriented individual. National Heritage did not teach religion, despite its founder (and owner), and Concept Schools do not teach religion, despite SOME of it's prinicple staff follow a Gulen philosophy of doing good works.
    Before condeming a school and it's philosophy blindly, do more than a cursory search of potentially inflammatory and biased websites.

  3. The only thing the Gulen managed charter schools are recruiting is Gulen followers.

    No other criteria is needed.

    Many cannot speak English well enough to get a job pushing a broom in Germany.

  4. A "Math and Science" Academy just opened in my area in Michigan MMSA with a Turkish "founder". What I do not like is that the office staff says that kids need to go thru a placement entrance exam and interview...yet so far they have let everyone in. Worst part is that they do not ask the parents or the child's previous school for suspensions or behavior write ups prior to giving them admission. This is Centerline/South Warren. The worst school districts closest to Detroit. Some of the kids where I live say that are going there and are the worst kids at the school. Good luck Concept School. What we all see is just that the Hazel Park MMSA had to move here and increase the "Warm Body" count to fill the new bigger building..which by the way is being leased by MMSA - an old Catholic School that has been around forever & had to shut its doors. Many in the area are looking at MMSA and saying - we have our religious school open again - lets flock to the Old St. Clems. Tell me that they did not pick that location because of its ties to the community.


Plese let us know what you think about the issue of the charter schools allegedly linked to Fethullah Gulen and thus labelled as Gulen charter schools.