Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's Not Greek to the Greeks: Turkish Gulen Charter Schools from the Eyes of A Greek

"The point is that the Turkish charter school achievement has left the Greek American Community eating its dust, a real shame, because Greek Americans are not lacking in know-how or resources" says Christopher Tripoulas in his recent article titled Turkish Stratejik Derinlik and Greeks’ Never-Ending Nap in the National Herald. Our Greek friend seems to be amazed by the success of the Turkish gulen charter schools accross the US. Of course, he is not to praise the Gulen charter schools, but to criticize his fellow Greek-Americans not to be as active as the Turkish-American community that has done a lot in the field of education. It becomes clear from the acticle that it is not the numbers, but the love and dedication of the teachers and staff in these Turkish charter schools what leads to success. Dedicated teachers of the gulen charter schools are working hard to their best. And they deserve an applaud from not only the Turkish-American community, but from the entire US public.

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  1. It is a funny article. I really liked it, it is nice. While I was reading his article, I remembered the movie my big fat Greek wedding. Greeks and Turks have some issues but the author was very fair and did not criticize Turks, rather he criticizes his very own nation: Greeks. Well that is what a normal person should do. First look at yourself before you attack someone else. First of all why Charter schools exist? Is it because public schools are doing an excellent job? These people opened schools not casinos. Their graduates are not terrorists.

  2. Graduates are not Terrorists but they are Turkified because of your Turkocentric education that means nothing except you have conned a few people in the USA.

    But it is all comming to an end isn't it?

    Greeks hate Turds Ooops I mean Turks.


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