Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Same Myth on Gulen Charter Schools and American Tax Money

Same, same, same.
It is always the same stuff that they boast about Gulen charter schools that
these gulen schools are misusing American tax money.
Who believes that?
Donna Garner of Liberty Linked claims that "these Gulen [charter] schools are using our taxpayers’ dollars and need to be scrutinized very carefully" in her recent blog article. Like other bloggers on so-called Turkish gulen charter schools, who are misled by their imaginations, Garner also missing a crucial point that we are living in a country in which laws are taken seriously by both the citizens and the government. Therefore, it is ridiculous to assume that the US government is not aware of what's happening with these gulen charter schools. If the allegations were true on the gulen charter schools which have been operating for more than a decade before the public's eyes, then there should have been a number of legal investigations on the
authentication of the revolving myths on the gulen charter schools. Yet there is nothing released by the law authorities regarding the misuse of the American tax money by the gulen charter schools.

All in all, show your proof and then tell your opinion. It is a rule of courtesy that nobody is guilty unless it is proved by law. This rule is true for also the gulen charter schools and gulen charter school teachers.


  1. what a fantastic game that all of you FAKE parents playing... That`s amazing, your group is well organized ans so professional...YOU ARE NOT A HORIZON PARENT DUDE..THUMBS UP!

  2. R u guys also a group, or is it the same person who spreads the same thing about these Turkish charter schools across the internet with different names? Elif and Mr. Bill, are u the same guy? Are u MARYed to each other? Where does your interest come about Mr. Gulen and the Turkish charter schools? How can u know that much about these persons and institutionss? It's weird. It reminds me that u r really a spy, a trojan.

  3. Turkish gulen charter schools are public schools and following the state curriculum in each state. That is to say that public's money is returning back to the American public. Despite the limited resources, gulen charter schools are doing better than many other public schools who are receiving more tax money than gulen charters. Money cannot teach alone. It is the dedicated teachers of gulen charter schools who work hard for our children's education.

  4. mr. Bill says in his Youtube caption that "Abramson [a gulen charter school] is a charter school that has oversight by the state's Board of Elementary and Secondary Education." He acknowledges the fact with his own words.

  5. Where there is money, there is Mary. He he
    Mary survives on the polemic on gulen charter schools.

  6. A recent study in Ohio clearly demonstrated the economic value of charter schools for taxpayers. Public charter schools operate with 30% less funding than traditional district schools. They do not receive any of the state facilities funds available to district schools to pay for their buildings. Nor do their receive any share of local taxes from school levies. So they save money, tax money! Parents save, America saves!


Plese let us know what you think about the issue of the charter schools allegedly linked to Fethullah Gulen and thus labelled as Gulen charter schools.