Sunday, April 14, 2013


In the first line of yet another anti-school choice article, Martha Woodall and Claudio Gatti state the the FBI is "investigating" schools according to "sources." At first look, you may think these "sources" were the FBI. However, as you continue to read the article, it turns out the FBI "declined to comment." So it leads us to wonder who these "sources" really are.

It causes one to wonder how many schools Woodall and Gatti have visited, or if they even did a simple web search. Since at the end of their article they say that the schools follow all federal regulations, it appears their "research" falls far below par.

This article sounds like an almost exact replica of an article released in 2010. Funny how the only thing they added were some vague allegations and suspicions, yet not adding much research of their own.
You can find an article below that is based on years of actual research done by objective professors

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