Sunday, April 14, 2013


The values taught to the students who attend Horizon Science academies are many and range from family values to personal ones such as: hard work, respect, community responsibility, self-respect, self-esteem, and confidence. These, unlike the  values of hate, discrimination and prejudice being spewed by some anonymous bloggers are the ones we want our children learning and adapting in their own lives.

It is completely unfounded to accuse Horizon, and other charter schools run by Concept as attempting to teach their students to "hate America". The culture of Horizon Science Academies are nothing but multi-culturally friendly and they encourage their students to show pride in their American roots. Living in a country as diverse as the U.S. we work hard to teach our children not to judge or form any type of preconceived notions about people from different parts of the world because it is not right. It becomes increasingly clear to us as we continue surfing the internet, reading different postings therein, that making these accusations about Turkish American educators somehow attempting to ''take over'' our schools with a "hidden agenda" that these accusations are based on discrimination and no real facts.

Check out this article below to see who else they have been attacking... 

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