Friday, April 12, 2013


concept schools

On April 10, 2013 The President, Barack Obama, announced his FY 2014 budget proposal. His proposal prioritizes key education investments including preschool expansion, improved college affordability, and building on reforms that have proven to be effective.

The Official Blog of the US Department of Education identifies the “Bottom Line of the 2014 Budget” in a recent post. Along with other important areas in education such as early learning, and career readiness, the Obama administration proposes an aggressive STEM push that will improve the delivery and impact of STEM education. Concept Schools implements a school design that provides STEM education in an environment of high expectations and standards. Located in urban areas, all of the Concept-managed schools provide predominantly minority and economically disadvantaged students a high quality, STEM focused education and get phenomenal results

It is great to hear that the Obama Administration realizes the importance of STEM education and supporting what Concept does successfully across the Midwest.

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