Saturday, April 13, 2013


Sharon Higgins, a blogger who constantly writes about “Gulen Schools” has recently (March 30, 2013) prepared a long document “exposing” the connections between Concept and the Gulen movement. It appears that she spent quite some time on it, researching and connecting the "dots". The references included in the documents make the document sound more scholarly. However, her scholarly approach falls short when she begins referring to other personal, faceless blogs such as CASILIPS. What is most hilarious is how hard she tries to “connect” the dots to reach her conclusion.

 Here is an example of how Sharon connects Arne Duncan, Concept Schools and Niagara Foundation together:

gulen movement

Her efforts to do so cloud her ability to see how ridiculous she sounds.

gulen movement

P.S. By the way, Chicago Public Schools denied Concept's proposal. Concept Schools appealed to the IL state charter commission who over turned CPS' decision.

This reminds us of Jon Stewart about how you can connect anything to anybody on the link below: 

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