Saturday, April 13, 2013


mary addi

Because this is directly related to Horizon Science Academies, we wanted to write about it. A former disgruntled employee from Horizon Science Academy-Denison, Marry Addi, has apparently been on a crusade against Horizon Academies and Concept Schools. Along with her husband, who happens to be Turkish, she opened a blog and continues to host their fabrications about Horizon and Concept.

Marry Addi appeared on CBS News’ 60 Minutes last year and she claims to have gone to authorities with her claims, and has also reached out to many media outlets.

We think, since no one (other than a few additional faceless bloggers) took her and her husband seriously in the Midwest thus far, she took the time to travel to Washington DC to oppose the opening of another charter school by Turkish American educators.

We all understand that one cannot expect a disgruntled employee to travel around and promote the company/organization that terminated their employment. Mary Addi does what a disgruntled employee would do…another thing that a disgruntled employee like Mary Addi would do is never disclose why they were let go…

However, we will do everyone a favor and disclose why Horizon Science Academy-Denison let Mary Addi go a few years back: “Marry Addi was working at a second job during company time.”

If she did her job instead of trying to cheat the school, she might still be teaching the children at Horizon Denison, which would also be a disservice to our kids based on her writing skills discernible in her blog…


  1. I still work at a Gulen school and these people are corrupt. You're lying to yourselves and hurting your children.

  2. While I am open to hearing opinions from everyone, good or bad - I find it hard to believe that someone who really thinks the place they work for is that corrupt would stay there. If it's that bad, you should just get out. This blog does a great job at showing things from the side that really matters: the students and parents.

  3. That is exactly what a smart person would do unless you do not believe what you say. If you think they are corrupt, just leave. I am sure they will be better off without you..


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