Monday, May 20, 2013


This article written by Michael Lind, a man who states that our public schools are not actually failing - this is simply 'propaganda' to justify school choice and the start of the charter school movement including our so-called Gulen charter schools.

Laughable at the least, he then goes on to blame the minority groups of students for the failure:

"If you look at the facts, then, they don't suggest that the U.S. public K-12 system is a failure. Rather American public education is a world-class success except among poor natives and immigrants, whose educational challenges have more to do with poverty and rural cultural legacies than alleged failings of public K-12."

In other words, he implies that if we just get rid of minorities, our schools would then be fine. He justifies his thoughts by again implying that since they are poor and come from un-educated parents that they should be expected to fail and we should only take into account the test scores of the white and Asian students in the suburbs...

Prejudice and racism present like this is exactly why we need Horizon Science Academies and all other so-called Gulen charter schools. Can you imagine a school filled with people who think you are going to fail before you even start? Horizon provides a high quality education to ALL students, regardless of race and ethnicity. This article is the epitome of the core reason our public schools are failing and why we need new schools with new policies.

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