Thursday, June 27, 2013


After coming across a blog post written by a student who graduated from one of our "Gulen" schools a few years back, we decided that everyone should see it. These schools make an impact on the lives of students each and every day. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did! 

"One of the main criteria for the international teachers at the school is not only to be a good teacher but also to be an exemplary individual, and of course to be caring and brave enough to leave his/her home country to serve people abroad. Having international teachers from abroad gives the students and faculty at these schools a great opportunity to learn more about and also respect people from different backgrounds and cultures. As Thomas Friedman wrote in his best seller, The World is Flat, the world is a level playing field now and every individual is equally competitor of each other wherever they are; therefore need to be well educated in order to be more aware and adaptable to global needs and trends.

Due to the smaller size of the schools, the teachers are able to provide personalized education meeting the specific needs of each student. The international teachers also have very high expectations both from their students and also themselves. Teaching is not only a job for them, but also a personal duty and responsibility. They expect their students to put their best effort in every course and task so that they can achieve their maximum potential. These goals require tutoring and closer monitoring of each student, and have their teachers help them after hours and during extracurricular activities, all of which bring better student engagement." 

The author concludes their thoughts by stating that the international teachers in their school were the reason for their success. 

Race, ethnicity, religion and personal beliefs have absolutely no impact on the quality of education students receive at the so-called Gulen charter schools. We need to continue our support of these schools parents, we owe it to them

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