Monday, July 1, 2013


Despite the fact that a few are trying to convince the world differently, Horizon Science Academies have a steady improvement rate every year. This was not only verified by CREDO in a recent study, but it is also proven on a daily basis by the improvement we see in our own children. Here is a direct quote from the article that supports our so-called Gulen charter schools: "Perhaps one of the most important findings shows that charter schools are doing an excellent job serving some of the highest need students. In both reading and math, low-income Hispanic and African American students and English Language Learners (ELL) performed significantly better in charter schools than they did in local district schools." Click here to read the latest news! 


  1. You've done a nice job on this fake page, but you are your own worst enemy. See you have linked fethullah Gulen's name nicely with Horizon schools you dumbshit.
    Furthermore, your Country is falling apart and disintegrating. Gulen cannot leave America he is a prisoner of the CIA.
    It's all comming to an end, Minnesota, Illinois, Milwaukee (with the sleeping Turk Teacher- was the funniest)

    It's all over, we will play you a few more years, close your schools one by one, two by two then you will disappear when Hocaefendi dies.

    Nothing you can do can revive your schools because you are your own worst enemy. The lawsuit won't save the Minnesota School of Science because Americans want you gone.

    Soon very soon...................Gladio B project through the CIA is over. Islam used against Islam project complete.

    1. I'm assuming you have not gone to middle or high school because if you had, you would know that anytime you put quotation marks in the way this blog has, it means that it's not actually the fact. Nice try though.

    2. Every time I read this blog, I see your ignorant, racist comments on it's articles. It seems pretty clear to me that you are the same person writing all the comments, too. This is a public school, parents choose to send their children there. I don't understand why you keep leaving these types of comments on this blog...Do you realize you are making the rest of us look really bad? No one is forcing you to read this blog, if you don't like it, stop reading it and leave the writers alone! All you do is write nonsense all the time...Half of it doesn't even make sense. I agree with the person above me, you must not have gone through much schooling...

  2. Speaking of ESL students your Gulen School in Arizona does a nice job of being racist and using ESL classrooms as punishment for your so called problem children while charging the government extra money for having additional ESL students in thise classrooms. Can we say Fraud? No worries it has been been reported to the proper officials and looks as if another Gulen school going to be closed because of your Gulen Criminal activites.

    Expect US !!


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