Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Having children that attend Horizon Science Academies, we are extremely pleased that the schools have an internet censorship policy. However, the faceless, nameless, anonymous bloggers who attack Horizon and other so-called Gulen charter schools continue to spew their own twisted, negative view on the situation. I wonder if they realize they are actually proving why internet censorship in schools are actually needed?

While there are many reasons to choose from (inappropriate sites, foul language, chat rooms, violence, etc...) we decided to focus on two reason that censorship is need in Horizon Science Academies, and all other schools for that matter. The first being that you can post anything on the internet, no matter how malicious or incorrect. So, we would like to thank the anonymous bloggers for making this point so very clear to the rest of the world. Malicious? check! Incorrect? check!

Secondly, the internet has been used to misinform people, and more importantly children who do not know better on serious issues for as long as we can remember. Seriously, have these bloggers even watched the news in the past ten years? Harmful websites should always be blocked from students so they don't see inappropriate images and videos or come in contact with people that may hurt them.

It seems like our anonymous bloggers are really reaching here. Perhaps they are running out of things to talk about? Most likely because they were all lies to begin with.

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