Thursday, July 11, 2013


While summer is here now, school will be starting soon enough and we wanted to take a moment to describe to any parents who may be considering a new school for their children the reasons you should send them to any of the Horizon Science Academies. Before going to one of these so-called Gulen charter schools, several of our students were struggling with their grades. As a model, Horizon has smaller classroom sizes providing more individual attention to each student. The teachers stay after school on a daily basis to tutor students who need help. Secondly, math and science education are extremely important and as a country we are falling behind others in the world. With a focus on these subjects, while still teaching all other subjects, our children have been given a heads up in the run for college. Beyond this, the Horizon Science Academies improve steadily year after year. But hey, you don't need to take our word for it. Check out Horizon's management company Concept School's website by clicking here where you can read all about Horizon. As a parent, quality of education is very important and we will not lower our standards, neither does Horizon and neither should you!

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